Natural Look Breathable, Penetrating Sealer

Cobble Impregnator (NS) is a low-VOC, water based, clear breathable sealer for protecting natural stone surfaces. Providing a natural look appearance with no sheen, Cobble Impregnator is ideal for providing protection without changing the surface’s appearance. The breathable formula allows it to be applied in situations where film-forming sealers would not work, including and on surfaces where moisture does not readily dissipate, such as stone installed over a concrete slab.

Each gallon of Cobble Impregnator (NS) will cover approximately 200 square feet per coat; the 5 gallon container of Cobble Impregnator (NS) will cover approximately 1,000 square feet. Coverage will depend on surface porosity, joint width and method of application. Natural Stone may require less material than other substrates.

Over Previously Sealed: Film-forming sealers will need to be stripped prior to application. Cobble Impregnator (NS) may be applied over non film-forming sealers provided the prior application is sufficiently worn away.



  • Eco-friendly, super low VOCs
  • Protects stone, marble, concrete, and porous tile
  • Natural look (not shiny or enhanced)
  • Resists stains
  • Breathable



  • Protect concrete, marble, pavers, stone, and porous tile against stain, water, and sun damage.
  • Roof protection with low or no sheen
  • Not used to seal cracks in stucco


Product Directions

All grease, oil and any other potential contaminants and must be removed. Surface must be clean and dry before applying. Concrete should have cured a minimum of 28 days before sealing. Smooth concrete needs to be etched prior to sealing. Cobble Clean and Cobble Prep may be used for specific cleaning situations. Impregnating Sealer applied in one uniform coat should provide the best results and should be applied with a roller or sprayer. Remove excess or puddled product from the surface within 15 minutes of application or before the product dries. If necessary to recoat, do so while first coat is still wet.