Cobble Clean is a concentrated eco-friendly blend of biodegradable solvents and detergents formulated for heavy duty degreasing and dirt removal. Use to remove oil, grease stains, chewing gum, and tire marks.


  • Commercial grade cleaning formulation
  • Can be diluted 15 to 1



  • Remove tiremarks
  • Used for commercial property maintenance as well as homeowner cleaning
  • Cleans any walking or driving surface (concrete, stone, paver)


Product Directions

COBBLE CLEAN is a concentrate and may be diluted. For tough stains and the removal of tiremarks, COBBLE CLEAN may be used straight. Always test sealed surfaces first with COBBLE CLEAN as the strength of the cleaner may strip some coatings.

Cut 1 part cleaner to 10 – 15 parts water. If the surface is more soiled, decrease the ratio of water as necessary. After testing the diluted COBBLE CLEAN in an inconspicuous area for the proper results, apply generously to area to be cleaned. Wait about a minute for the degreaser to work. For stubborn stains, wait about five minutes. Scrub area with a brush or stiff bristle broom.

All COBBLE CLEAN applications should be followed with a thorough water rinse. Oil spots that have deeply penetrated the substrate may rise to the surface within 24 hours of cleaning. It may be necessary to repeat cleaning.