Locally Fabricated
by R&W Distributors

Made from carbon-steel composite, #3 reinforcing bar or “rebar” is primarily used in swimming pool frames, road and highway paving, and patio and driveway construction. It also has important applications in the vineyard industry, as it is ideal for training rootstocks to grow as designated by its trellising system. The expansion coefficient of the carbon-steel composite compares favorably with the characteristics of industrial-grade concrete. In metric measures, #3 rebar is known as “10MM.”

Available in 20′ Lengths in both Gr. 40 & Gr. 60

Physical Characteristics of #3 Rebar

Imperial Bar Size “Soft” Metric Size Weight per unit length (lb/ft) Mass per unit length (kg/m) Nominal Diameter (in) Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Area(in2) Nominal Area (mm2)
#3 #10 0.376 0.561 0.375 9.525 0.11 71

Weight per unit length: 0.376 pounds per foot (0.561 kilograms per meter)

Nominal diameter: 0.375 inches (9.525 millimeters)

Nominal area: 0.11 square inches (71 square millimeters)