Locally Fabricated
by R&W Distributors

Used for medium-duty to heavy-duty industrial and construction applications, #9 reinforcing bar or “rebar” is ideal for a wide range of demanding projects. Crafted from carbon steel, #9 rebar is typically used to stabilize transfer slabs in the construction of skyscrapers. It is also an extremely effective reinforcing material in retaining walls, abutments, columns and beams, making it an excellent choice for bridges and piers in addition to high-rise buildings.

Because #9 rebar and concrete have comparable heat expansion coefficients, rebar offers an ideal solution to the construction challenges posed by concrete’s inherent shortcomings in tensile strength.

Gr. 60 | Available in 20′ Lengths

Physical Characteristics of #7 Rebar

Imperial Bar Size “Soft” Metric Size Weight per unit length (lb/ft) Mass per unit length (kg/m) Nominal Diameter (in) Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Area(in2) Nominal Area (mm2)
#9 #29 3.4 5.071 1.128 28.65 1 645

Weight per unit length: 3.4 pounds per foot

Nominal diameter: 1.128 inches

Nominal area: (square inches): 1