Locally Fabricated
by R&W Distributors

#6 rebar is often used in concrete reinforcement applications. Specifically, this reinforcement bar is found in foundation construction and repair, in retaining walls and tilt-up walls. It is also used as a strengthening compound in caissons, pre-cast masonry products and deck-grade beams.  #6 rebar is also occasionally used in the road and highway construction industry in the creation and maintenance of new and existing roadways. “19MM” is the metric equivalent of #6 rebar.

Gr. 60 | Available in 20′ Lengths

Physical Characteristics of #6 Rebar

Imperial Bar Size “Soft” Metric Size Weight per unit length (lb/ft) Mass per unit length (kg/m) Nominal Diameter (in) Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Area(in2) Nominal Area (mm2)
#6 #19 1.502 2.24 0.750 = ¾ 19.05 0.44 284

Weight per unit length: 1.502 pounds per foot (2.24 kilograms per meter)

Nominal diameter: 0.75 inches (19.05 millimeters)

Nominal area: 0.44 square inches (284 square millimeters)