This organic cleaner will remove oxide formed stains (i.e. rust from sprinklers) from bare and coated concrete surfaces. When used on interlocking pavers, the surface will not be etched thus protecting the paver’s colors.



  • Eliminates ugly brown stains formed by rust or fertilizers on concrete surfaces
  • Will not etch surface of pavers in order to protect richness of pavers’ colors



  • Removes sprinkler and fertilizer rust
  • Use in spray bottle to remove rusty stains from sprinklers on walls
  • Paver and concrete cleaner


Product Directions

Apply by spraying or rolling Oxhide on surfaces to be cleaned. Allow to remain on surface for 2 to 3 minutes without letting surface dry. Rinse well with water. The stains should be quickly removed. A bristled brush may be used to aid in tougher stains. Oxhide is a concentrate and needs to be tested in small area prior to application in order to determine satisfactory result on the brick surface.